The use of an airless sprayer system with Dura 500 coating saves time and labour. It allows for easier application over uneven surfaces and provides uniform mil thickness. The airless sprayer system also enables the product to be applied at an average of two to six gallons per minute, depending on equipment specification.

Suggested Spray Systems

For roof areas up to 3000 sq ft: Graco GMAX II 7900 or Titan Speeflow 6900 or similar.

For roof areas over 3000 sq ft: Graco GH733 or Graco GH 833 or similar.

Spray Nozzle Tip should be #635 Graco,  .035, 12" fan width

The following is a guideline for spraying DURA 500 coating:

Before spraying DURA 500 coating, it is important to do a complete site assessment, checking proximity of any items such as vehicles, other buildings, etc., that may come in contact with overspray during the spray process. Extinguish all sources of ignition. Do not allow smoking on or near the jobsite.

If possible, try to leave spray equipment on the ground. This will reduce the risk of roof overload. The sprayer should be set up on a level surface with good access to roof and coating supply.

To allow for maximum safety and efficiency, use three persons for the spray process (one for spraying, one for guiding the hose, and one on the ground to feed the spray equipment)..

When spraying DURA 500 coating, hold gun perpendicular to roof surface, approximately 12"-14" away. Move gun at a correct, even speed, overlapping each stroke approximately 50% to obtain a smooth, uniform product thickness (“wet on wet” spraying). When spraying built up roofing surfaces with gravel embedded in the asphalt, make sure all sides of the gravel receive coating. Gravel will have a shadowing effect if sprayed from one angle only, and voids will result in the membrane.

All terminations of DURA 500 such as on ductwork, air conditioning units, etc., must be squared-off and neat to maintain good aesthetic value.


Minimum Sprayer Specifications:

Minimum Gallons per Minute: 2 gallons for DURA 500

Minimum Working Pressure: 3,000 psi  

Reversible Tip Sizes: .035 orifice, Fan Width: 12  (Graco 635 or similar)

Recommended Hose Length: 250' - 400' maximum (pump dependent)

Recommended Hose: ½” diameter for 200’ or less in length, ¾” diameter over 200’ in length  

Recommended Gun: Pistol Grip Flo Thru Gun complete with extension wand.