Superior 450 Seam Sealer


Superior 450 Detailing Seam Sealer is a thick, solvent based, single part, thermoplastic coating designed for detailing, seam sealing, and repair of holes and cracks on asphalt, tar & gravel, mod-bit, pvc, epdm*, concrete and Hypalon® (CSPE) roofing. The product can be used with Superior Spunlace Roofing Fabric over problem seams and larger holes. Do not use on rigid foam, acrylic or silicone roof surfaces.


Apply Superior 450 Detailing Seam Sealer as it comes from the container with a trowel, chip brush or caulking gun. Surface  must be free of oil and dirt. If using Superior Spunlace Roofing Fabric, apply a layer of Superior 450 first and embed the fabric into the coating with a roller or brush. Apply Superior 450 up to ¼ inch thick and taper edges when possible. When using a caulking gun apply a bead ¼ to ½ inch thick. Superior 450 may be left exposed or top coated with Dura 500 Thermoplastic Roof Coating.
Roof surfaces must be dry for coating application. Even when the surface appears to be dry, moisture can be trapped in the roof deck or insulation. A moisture scan is recommended prior to application. Application of this coating within 5ºF of the dew point is not recommended.

Clean up: Clean up with mineral spirits, naphtha or xylene.

Note: epdm roof surfaces may exhibit swelling. It is recommended that a thin coat of Dura 500 be applied first to epdm surfaces and allowed to cure 24 hours prior to applying Superior 450.


Colour: White
Viscosity: 85,000 cps
Solids by Volume: 69%
Tensile Strength: 1958 psi
Elongation: 530%
Flash Point: 115ºF (46.1ºC)
VOCs: 450 g/l