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With manufacturing and warehouse facilities located in Toronto, Canada, the Superior Polymers staff has a combined experience of 150 years of roof product research, development and testing. The need for a long-lasting, seamless, liquid applied, waterproof membrane, designed specifically for flat roof restoration has been evident for a long time. Superior Polymers Inc. has answered this requirement with the development and exhaustive testing of Dura 500 Liquid Applied Roof Membrane. Based on thermoplastic technology, the product addresses issues of damage caused by water ponding, heat stress, and delamination that are associated with many coating systems in flat roof applications. Accelerated weather testing has demonstrated that Dura 500 is capable of  an effective service life exceeding 20 years in all climates and weather conditions including: intense heat, ponding water, hail impact and ice build-up.

Superior Polymers  Inc., also manufactures Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing for recreational vehicles, dry freight trailers, and containers. This product is based on the same technology as Dura 500, but has added flexibility to compensate for the constant racking and twisting movement associated with mobile applications.

Both systems are easily repairable in the event of mechanical damage. They are designed to last well in excess of 20 years, and are backed by a 15 Year Product Guarantee.

Proudly Canadian made!


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